an airfryer and some time


R’s mom brought home an airfryer yesterday and we decided to use it to whip something up for dinner that very night itself.

We headed straight to the supermarket after work and got chicken breast, mushrooms, a bag of potatoes, some cake mix and eggs. There were already onions and all the usual condiments at his place, so we didn’t need to get those.

I was already really hungry by the time I knocked off and it’s a wonder that I actually waited three hours before I ate. I guess being excited helped. I’ve never cooked using an airfryer before! Boiling and cutting the potatoes provided some distraction as well. And well yes, R did everything else – marinated the chicken, chopped the onions and then sauteed them with the mushrooms.

The first item we put into the airfryer was chicken. 180 degrees C for 10 minutes. It came out white. Cooked, but white. We turned the pieces over and put them back in, this time at 200 degrees C for 12 minutes.

It came out a nice brown with crispy edges. We tore a chunk apart and the inside was moist. Needless to say, we were impressed.

In went the rest of the chicken. That was followed by 3 rounds of potato roasting.

By the time we had cooked, eaten, had ice cream, and made a cake, it was 11.15pm.

I left soon after and fell asleep within 20 minutes of reaching home. I hadn’t even realised how exhausted I was. Exhausted, but happy.


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