365 Days


since we came together.

We had a celebratory day yesterday. Not realising that our plans for brunch would be thwarted by Monday closure, we made changes on the go and had a simple lunch nearby instead.

Then, we went off to get our anniversary gifts. Details in a future post. 🙂

I had to go off to work after that for a bit and we met again after I was done.

A cosy dinner at Lenas rounded off the day before we took a sleepy bus journey to her home and then I took another back to mine.

Even though we did not go to fancy restaurants or upscale cafes, the time we spent together was perhaps all the more precious for it because we were not distracted by our surroundings and we focused only on the other’s presence.

When others know that we have only been together for a year, they are often surprised to hear it, having the impression that we have been a couple for a much longer time. I like to attribute it to the fact that they see that we know each other deeply and are in sync in action, speech and thought.

Have we encountered problems? Of course. The key is never to try to avoid having them but to deal with them as they surface. I believe that every relationship strengthens as a result of issues, not in spite of them.



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