jasmine’s authoring journey: week 1

It has been a fruitful first week.

Not just in terms of writing the book, but also in terms of health, fitness, and mental wellness. Besides close to zero snacking, I did not have fast food and even went swimming twice this past week. And I didn’t even notice how effortless all these had been until yesterday when I was just thinking back on my week.

What I did make the effort to do was to slow down and give my body the rest it needed. Yes, needed. It was difficult because I’m so used to rushing around, being at places, and just doing something all the time. Yet, when I started to take more time for myself this week, sleeping more, and taking a rest every couple of hours, (maybe it’s a placebo effect) I could feel my body healing and being restored.

I got back in touch with the electone. It was just one time this week, but considering I hadn’t played anything on the keyboard at all in the past eight months, it is something worth mentioning. Haha. What I’m really happy about is that I got the time to do a simple flower arrangement, just for the pleasure of creating something I love.

Seven more glorious weeks.


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