Some More Thoughts


Recently, I learned that I am the kind of person who actively seeks and hoards loads of information. This is, of course, incredibly useful in my role as an educator. However, it does have its drawbacks. Due to my need to gather information, I can suffer from “paralysis by analysis” if I cannot get what I feel I need to make a decision.

I have also learned that I am able to piece what may seem to some to be disparate bits of information into a coherent, sensible thought. This is often what allows me to provide solutions quickly when needed and also what allows me to stay collected when things start to go wrong. However, it seems that, tying in with my need for information, if the situation completely novel, it takes some time before I can process a solution and that may cost valuable time.

Perhaps this is why I am constantly in need of time on my own to think. There is no way to archive and dissect information otherwise.

An interesting thought through self-discovery. I will think on this. Of course.


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