jasmine’s authoring journey: week 2

This past week has been a little bumpy, compared to the first. Some days also resulted in unexpected happenings.

Monday started off with an unplanned visit to the hospital. A friend’s mom was in critical condition and I decided to drop by for a while, just to provide a little support, if at all. Since I have been blessed with this period of eight weeks, I felt that the time ought to be used to bless others, especially those in my community who are in need. It is my belief that my time belongs to God and is meant for His work.

Honestly though, I was concerned that it might be awkward, since I wasn’t close to this friend. But he was in the same cell group as I was, and so definitely falls within the perimeters of being in my community. Throughout the journey, I asked God repeatedly if I should turn back and head home but each time, I had reassurance from Him.

As I left the hospital later that day, I knew that I hadn’t heard wrongly. While the mood in the ward was sombre, conversation flowed and there was even a chuckle as he related an incident from the night before. On a deeper level, he told me about the years of chemotherapy his mom had been undergoing and shared the thoughts he had about the prophecies that had been proclaimed over her life.

In the evening of the following day, a message from him in the group chat informed us all that his mother had passed away.

By that time, with two days already past, I hadn’t done very much. I had borrowed three books from the library and had sent out only one email.

Wednesday began with my follow-up appointment at the hospital. The results of the tests came back normal and the doctors could not find anything wrong. My body was also functioning well. I was formally discharged.

After I was done with an interview later that day, I made my way to SKS Books at Tan Boon Liat Building. It was to seek out a suitable bible study programme for the cell group to use.

I went shopping with my mom on Thursday. And that one email I sent on Tuesday? While shopping, I received a direct message from the recipient saying that she would be able to meet me for an interview the next day. God is indeed opening doors.

So Friday was spent at a lunch interview which lasted almost three hours. She shared many of her experiences and urged me to seek God on the direction of the book. When it ended, I left with many thoughts. Some affirming, some doubting.

The day ended with the funeral wake. Listening to the eulogies led to emotional upheavals. The stories moved me, but more than that, they reminded me of my mom. I was brought back to the time when she too, was weak and tired after each chemotherapy session. I remembered how she too, had lost her hair and had to wear a cap to protect her head.

These are no longer painful for me to recall, but without fail, they continue to cause a few tears to well up each time I hear a similar story.

Week Two has certainly been vastly different from Week One. Also, I didn’t manage to exercise, and even my roller-blading plans with Mel on Saturday got shelved, so there was zero activity, save for the 2 km walk that I did with the church to raise rice. There were many emotional moments for me this past week, and even the interview that I had on Friday turned out to be a rather emotional one.

Closing chapters isn’t always negative though. Being formally discharged marks the end of being a patient. It is the healing power of God that I am well.

The week ends with plenty of thoughts.


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