jasmine’s authoring journey: week 3

The third week went by lazily.

I spent much of my time sleeping in (because I stay up the night before doing random stuff), and doing the two freelance assignments I had previously taken up. There were some family issues as well. So I didn’t work on the book much.

But I got to meet a good friend for dinner, caught up with a contact for an interview, and managed to get a few contacts from a workshop I attended.

So maybe the week wasn’t as lazy as I thought it to be.

Also, R and I finally got round to hanging out at To-gather Cafe. I’ve been meaning to take him there since the time I wrote about it in the magazine. That was at least three months ago. Well, as it turned out, our trip there culminated in the discovery of a thrift shop that was selling a DVD box set of f.r.i.e.n.d.s at $20 for all ten seasons. R scooped it.

That night, I watched my first episode of this American TV sitcom.


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