jasmine’s authoring journey: week 7

Confession: I did not do anything about the book this past week.


I am at peace about that. And actually, I did do some reading and also borrowed a book from the library to take reference from.

While I was stressing over the book during the initial few weeks, I am now more relaxed. The passion and the determination are still there, but I have learnt to manage my expectations while still being confident about completing the book.

Although there wasn’t much done in terms of authoring, this has been actually one of the best weeks yet.

R and I went to the gym together. The original plan was to go for a jog but it was drizzling and we ended up in the gym. It was still a good workout, and it makes me happy knowing that he took the effort to come over so that we could exercise together. (Love you!)

R has also been showing me the World of Warcraft and introducing me to the many characters, lands, dungeons and raids. As he manoeuvres his characters – mostly a slender blood elf that is capable of dealing more damage than she looks, and sometimes a bodybuilder lookalike creature that is called an orc, he explains what he is doing and patiently answers all my questions. These characters in the game even have their own pets, which interestingly enough can also engage in their own fights. I find that highly amusing.

Apparently, I was also lucky enough to witness an attempt of the ‘Alliance’, the rival faction, to capture a city that belongs to the ‘Horde’ – his character’s faction. The valiant attempt turned out disastrous as many were slaughtered and the remaining few ran for their lives.

Back in the non-virtual world, we did more stone shopping. R insists that it should be called gem shopping. And on Saturday, we attended the wedding of two of my friends from church. I have known them since ten years ago when we were all still kids in secondary school. During the past few years as a couple, they constantly blessed the cell group by sharing what God was teaching them individually and as a couple. There is so much of God in their relationship and it’s such a joy to see them come together as man and wife.

I had a wonderful week.


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