jasmine’s authoring journey: week 8

So eight weeks have gone by and this was the last week of my full-time authoring journey.

I have one more week before I start work proper, but it is going to be used for relaxing and getting myself ready. So my full-time authoring journey ends here. But but but. I will definitely still be working on the book, just less frequent.

The past week started off interestingly with Meals-on-Wheels. My mom helps at this ministry in church where they deliver lunch to the needy elderly in the neighbourhoods of Bedok and Tampines. Usually she would do it herself but this particular Monday, I was her chauffeur because she wasn’t feeling too well. It felt rewarding to not only be able to have an insight into this ministry and what my mom does on her Mondays, but also to know that this work blessed the elderly residents.

For the rest of the week, I took on a leisurely pace. I packed my table. I watched Friends. I caught a movie. I did an interview. I learnt more about WoW and watched R play the new expansion. We went for a short jog. And we managed to do a photo shoot! The weather has been gloomy recently and blue skies are a rarity, but we were blessed with one morning of lovely skies (the heat cooks though!) and captured some nice shots.

As for the book, I have been exploring different ways to approach it. Since I want to have both practical tips and inspiring anecdotes, I’m looking at how authors of the same genre but different subject have done it. R says I steal ideas. I say I’m doing research.


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