Update Update


It’s certainly been awhile. As schools are closing for the year, my workload is dramatically reduced. I can finally take a breather.

At the same time, J is back to full-time work.

Personally, I feel that it is a good thing that only one of us gets very busy at any point in time. I have found that when both of us are busy and tired, we have less energy for each other and problems don’t get resolved. We also take less effort for the other person and, in the long run, this will not be good.

I take this as a sort of training period for us so that we can understand this need for rest for the both of us.

Some things are being brought up and discussed. Though they are not always pleasant, they are necessary to foster better understanding between us and help us get past issues. Communication is key.

A lot of this post sounds rather incoherent. Perhaps it is the late hour. Until next time then.


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