A Trip


Our recent trip to Penang with a couple of friends was a mixed one for me. On one hand, it was fruitful and we had a good time there. On the other, there were moments both leading up to the trip and on the trip itself when I wondered if it would be better for me to remain in SG.

Having stayed away from travelling for such a long time and having made very few trips out of the country, I have grown used to staying in SG. Of course, the trips I have made were often enriching experiences and I do not regret making them.

Being used to staying in SG has caused me to become comfortable with what I have here – the safety, the familiarity of transport systems and food, the cleanliness and the easy access to everything I need.

The recent air disasters had also caused me great concern and, though I had never been a nervous flyer, I did get anxious as we got on the plane both to and from Penang. At the back of my mind, I reminded myself that God was in control of everything and that helped me relax a little.

With all that out of the way, the trip to Penang was fun. We sampled the local food and took in the sights, sounds and smells – some of which got quite overwhelming.

My single focus for much of the trip was to visit the jewellery enclave that happened to be very close to our hostel. Unfortunately, due to the timing of our trip, most of the stores were closed and we went on to visit other parts of the town instead.

Eventually, on our last day there, we hit a few of the jewellers and we may have begun the turn of our friends into gem enthusiasts. Well, J was never much into gems before I dragged her along on one of my hunts. I know she agreed to come for my benefit and I was surprised that she turned out to like it after all.

As of this posting, SGD to MYR rates are getting better and we actually toyed with the idea of visiting Penang again. Honestly, I wouldn’t object.


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