Our Favourite Month


It’s February! Our favourite month of the year. Why? It’s our birthday month. Oh and there’s also Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

VDay, I’m not a fan of. We discussed it and agreed that there is no need to give in to consumerism and commercialisation. We don’t celebrate it because we profess our love for each other all through the year – a fact that makes me feel that J is an extra special person.

CNY, I like but am a little apprehensive of. I am glad for the opportunity to visit relatives and friends but these visits can get raucous after awhile. Also, the sheer number of steamboat lunches and dinners is overwhelming. ‘Tis the season to gain weight but also to catch up with others and to be surrounded by crimsons and maroons.

Birthdays are coming up! Celebrations are in order!


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