Island hopping over the new year


I kid. Penang is just one island, but since Singapore is also an island, it counts as island hopping right?

So this was two months ago but significant because it was our first holiday overseas. R wrote a post on it (punctually, unlike yours truly…) but I’m now here with our pictures from the trip!


Our travel companions, Alex and Yvonne, travelled up to Penang by 12-hour coach while R and I took the comfortable option of flying. They are the real deal.


Women are allowed inside the Kapitan Keling Mosque but had to cover up completely. By completely, I mean I was instructed to put on a full length robe with a hood even though I was wearing jeans. I complied, of course, but not without feeling slightly amused. It was totally worth it though, because the interiors were simply beautiful.


On our third and last day there, we hunted down this place that apparently served great assam laksa and other penang fare. Since this blog is more of a personal space, we will talk more about the food on our travel blog instead. We actually had more Indian food than Chinese food throughout our three days there. And it was awesomely good, although I did get slightly sick of it by the third day. R, on the other hand, can eat Indian food for days on end.



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