Gem hunt: Bangkok 


Upon returning from our recent trip to Bangkok, I realised that I didn’t take many photos while we were there. Six days and I have fewer than 100 images in my camera. Whatt.

In hindsight, it seems more apt to call this holiday a ‘business trip’ with one day of R&R (which was at Chatuchak, where R still managed to get his hands on more stones, proving that one can find ANYTHING at Chatuchak haha). We spent four days at the gem fair, the fifth day at JJ, and the last day catching the morning flight back to Singapore.

I’m not complaining. At least going on a business trip, albeit for business that is not yet operational, turns the money spent into an initial investment. Well, somewhat. So I don’t feel so bad about going on a vacation when I’m no longer receiving a regular paycheck. Heh.

Of course, what prompted me to go on this trip in the first place was to celebrate darling R’s birthday in the way that he wanted to. So I’m glad this trip materialised, because he was radiating excitement the whole time we were there.

Just for that, it was definitely worth the trip. The business part? Simply an added bonus.



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