Engagement party


It has been about a month since we had our engagement party. I should get down to selecting photos, editing them and sending them out to our families and friends.

One question that we constantly got when we invited people to our engagement party was:

What is the party for?

Talk about being too serious! But I understand, no one I know has thrown an engagement party or has been to one. Neither have we. We just thought it might be fun to order Indian food, invite our friends around to eat, and formally announce we’re engaged (instead of on Facebook). It will also be the perfect opportunity to introduce our respective families to each other.

We kept the guestlist under 40 so that we don’t get too stressed out. It was mainly our immediate families and closest friends. We actually also wanted to use the time to talk to people about the wedding but that didn’t happen in the end. It’s no biggie, at least the parents on both sides have finally met! We will meet our friends in smaller groups to talk about the wedding.

I’m thinking that I’d like to post more regularly so that we have something to look back upon after the wedding. Writing also helps me to slow down and reflect, and that’s a good thing amidst the myriad of things to plan and do.


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