Hello 2017


Last year, R and I each used a word of the year to guide our direction. Mine was Step out. Yes I know it’s two words, but can you blame me when the English language doesn’t have a word that encapsulates this meaning? (If you know of an English word that does, please let me know!)

This year, Remus came across a system of organising your life according to financial, health, family, spiritual, personal development, and business. The point is to set three habits and three goals in each area for the new year. It sounds simple and it is, but sitting down to actually set 18 habits and 18 goals was tough. But I did it!

Like last year for word of the year, we did goal-setting together at Killiney on 31 December before we headed to Watchnight service. This might just become an annual tradition for us.


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