3 Weeks To Go!


It’s just under 3 weeks to go, actually, but it’s a catchier title than 2 weeks and 6 days to go! Alternatively, we could use ’20 days to go’ which sounds pretty good. Anyway, let’s talk about what we’ve managed to do so far.

The major stuff is done. Church is booked, we have groomsmen and bridesmaids who will all be briefed by next Friday (except one), we have met and briefed our wedding co-ordinators and our church co-ordinator, food is generally settled, wedding rings are made and in our hands (though not yet on our hands), guests are mostly invited.

Lunch catering is practically confirmed. We may need to reduce the numbers, though, because there have been quite a number of people who aren’t able to make it.

RSVPs need to be collected still.

Dinner is settled (a fair bit of negotiation was required, but it’s done).

Mattress for the new house is bought, as is the bed frame.

We have a contractor who will be looking at our new place and is happy to guide us through the process.

It’s been a rather hectic past few months (possibly a factor in my current slight unwell-ness), but I think we have done pretty well so far.

We are well within our budget and we don’t feel the need to be spending too much more, so that’s great news!

All of this is rather haphazardly typed out as I’m not too particular about writing a 100% coherent post as I am about getting the points down. Ah well, whatever happens, eh?




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