Only 2 More Days!


From 2 weeks to 2 days!

Just last night, we went to our 2 photoshoot locations at Siglap – Killiney Kopitiam and Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe – to inform them of our intentions of using their place to do a quick 15-minute-or-so shoot each.

It’s really a little hard to believe that, after thinking about this day for so long, that it’s almost here!

Thinking back over the past few years, we were rather awkward daters. If you’d seen us then, it’d be a little difficult to envision where would be now. And yet, we are.

Everything since then has reinforced my belief that God works in mysterious ways.

All this time, He has been looking out for us, guiding us along and showing us the way one step at a time, never showing us too much though never too little.

I’m humbled that God, mighty as He is, is even interested in us ‘normal’ people. It’s difficult to fathom why He would bother with us. And yet, He does. Truly, He is a faithful God and He never fails to amaze.


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