After the Wedding!


We’re back from our honeymoon in Taiwan AND a trip to Malaysia for Church Camp and a visit to a couple who is currently stationed there.

In 2 days, we’ll be married for 2 months! Wow! Really don’t feel the time passing by.

We’ve also recently received our actual day photos from our main photographer. Our secondary photographer gave us the photos he took within a week and many of them are REALLY good!

Once we’ve put the pictures in order, we’ll probably upload some. For now, it’s not the main priority. That honour goes to getting our house ready for moving in.

We’re getting the near-final piece of the puzzle for our house – a dining table. Once that’s in, we’ll be nearly completely ready to move in. All that’s left is to clean it up and put everything where they need to go.

Of course, we’re still going to need a number of things but they aren’t quite as critical so we don’t have to rush to get them just yet.

Looking forward to moving in soon!


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