After the Wedding!


We’re back from our honeymoon in Taiwan AND a trip to Malaysia for Church Camp and a visit to a couple who is currently stationed there.

In 2 days, we’ll be married for 2 months! Wow! Really don’t feel the time passing by.

We’ve also recently received our actual day photos from our main photographer. Our secondary photographer gave us the photos he took within a week and many of them are REALLY good!

Once we’ve put the pictures in order, we’ll probably upload some. For now, it’s not the main priority. That honour goes to getting our house ready for moving in.

We’re getting the near-final piece of the puzzle for our house – a dining table. Once that’s in, we’ll be nearly completely ready to move in. All that’s left is to clean it up and put everything where they need to go.

Of course, we’re still going to need a number of things but they aren’t quite as critical so we don’t have to rush to get them just yet.

Looking forward to moving in soon!


It’s the 22nd of April!


It’s just past midnight and it is officially our Wedding Day!

In approximately 10 hours or so, we will be married before God and before witnesses in Bethesda Cathedral.

It’s a rather surreal feeling. I don’t feel particularly anxious because I know that this is a moment that I’ve been waiting for for a long time. I also know that most of the details are taken care of and that there isn’t much point worrying about anything left undone.

I know that the day is in the good hands of God and that we have very helpful friends who are willingly putting time and resources aside to assist us. For all of this, I am deeply thankful.

I really should be resting right now, but I felt that I should just take a moment to capture this moment in writing.

To my darling J, I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I know you’ve been feeling stressed and that it seems that there are still many things to do. I just want to let you know that I’m here beside you and that nothing matters more than that we are about to be man and wife. I’m elated that it’s you! ­čÖé

Only 2 More Days!


From 2 weeks to 2 days!

Just last night, we went to our 2 photoshoot locations at Siglap – Killiney Kopitiam and Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe – to inform them of our intentions of using their place to do a quick 15-minute-or-so shoot each.

It’s really a little hard to believe that, after thinking about this day for so long, that it’s almost here!

Thinking back over the past few years, we were rather awkward daters. If you’d seen us then, it’d be a little difficult to envision where would be now. And yet, we are.

Everything since then has reinforced my belief that God works in mysterious ways.

All this time, He has been looking out for us, guiding us along and showing us the way one step at a time, never showing us too much though never too little.

I’m humbled that God, mighty as He is, is even interested in us ‘normal’ people. It’s difficult to fathom why He would bother with us. And yet, He does. Truly, He is a faithful God and He never fails to amaze.

2 Weeks to Go!


The day nears.

We have met with co-ordinators, groomsmen (except 1), bridesmaids, helpers, caterers and so on.

It’s all coming together and, very remarkably, somehow, God brought people along to offer assistance and advice. For all of these things, I am very thankful.

One of the largest clouds hanging over my head is the house. Oh yes, we have the keys to our new home. There’s still quite a lot of stuff to do, though. Painting, adding on of electrical wires and so on.

Honestly, it’s all rather overwhelming. Things just come all at once.

Nevertheless, we are marching on!

3 Weeks To Go!


It’s just under 3 weeks to go, actually, but it’s a catchier title than 2 weeks and 6 days to go! Alternatively, we could use ’20 days to go’ which sounds pretty good. Anyway, let’s talk about what we’ve managed to do so far.

The major stuff is done. Church is booked, we have groomsmen and bridesmaids who will all be briefed by next Friday (except one), we have met and briefed our wedding co-ordinators and our church co-ordinator, food is generally settled, wedding rings are made and in our hands (though not yet on our hands), guests are mostly invited.

Lunch catering is practically confirmed. We may need to reduce the numbers, though, because there have been quite a number of people who aren’t able to make it.

RSVPs need to be collected still.

Dinner is settled (a fair bit of negotiation was required, but it’s done).

Mattress for the new house is bought, as is the bed frame.

We have a contractor who will be looking at our new place and is happy to guide us through the process.

It’s been a rather hectic past few months (possibly a factor in my current slight unwell-ness), but I think we have done pretty well so far.

We are well within our budget and we don’t feel the need to be spending too much more, so that’s great news!

All of this is rather haphazardly typed out as I’m not too particular about writing a 100% coherent post as I am about getting the points down. Ah well, whatever happens, eh?



The House Hunt


Before this becomes old news, I thought I should document it. So much has happened in the past six months and it’s hard to form proper memories when one is busy and lacking sleep. Hopefully these visual records will serve as happy reminders when R and I finally have time again to sit and watch the clouds go by.

We didn’t plan on buying a house. We did consider a BTO flat, but it didn’t cross our minds to look at the resale market. Yet somehow, in two weeks’ time, we are about to collect the keys to a resale flat – our first home together!

So what happened? It started over brunch with D and WX in October last year. We shared with them our thoughts of going overseas after getting married and D’s response was, “Then you should buy a house, rent it out and get some income while you’re travelling.”

We realised that what she said made sense and it was in fact a brilliant idea. But we held back, uncertain of what to do and wondering how we could afford a resale flat based on our current income.

I suppose we didn’t have to pursue it but my curiosity was already piqued. So I poked around PropertyGuru, R analysed the situation, and we soon discovered that the price of a resale flat in a mature estate is only slightly higher than the price of a BTO flat in the same mature estate. Taking into consideration that we would need to pay rent for three years (while waiting for the BTO flat to be ready), the difference in price would be negligible or close to none.

Also, with a number of grants that we were eligible for, purchasing a resale flat was not as unattainable as we previously assumed and was actually well within our reach. More on this in an earlier post.

With our misconceptions of the resale market cleared, we embarked on the hunt for a resale flat that we could eventually call home.

We visited these six houses in October last year. Two on the first weekend, one on the second weekend, three on the third weekend, and one on the fourth weekend.

House #1Househunt Home1

House #2Househunt Home2

House #3Househunt Home3

House #4Househunt Home4

House #5Househunt Home5

House #6Househunt Home6


New Pictures


A friend of mine, who works as a professional wedding photographer, did an outdoor couple portrait shoot for us last weekend. We chose to shoot in Bugis as it was a place meaningful to us (we have spent countless weekends hanging out there as a couple or with friends). Although it was a Saturday and she cautioned against shooting in overly crowded areas, she obliged us and went along with our chosen location.

She found us some really nice angles and we got a number of good shots. She’s totally awesome and I love the photos!



web_IMG (15)