Status update


We’re well into the third quarter of the year and so much has changed. For one, Remus and I are now engaged! 

That’s just one but probably the biggest change in our lives this year.

In other news, I’ve gone back to working for a company. It’s an assistant editor role in a magazine. I work on my book on the weekends, as much as I can.


Hello 2016


A year ago this day, we were in Penang with Alex and Yvonne.

A year has gone by and I believe I speak for us both that it has been a fulfilling one. We travelled, we finished the first draft of our respective books, and we dabbled in starting a business. It’s no wonder that this blog has been severely neglected.

Yesterday, we sat down together to think about our plans for 2016. We talked about our strengths. I pondered over my Word of the Year. We wrote some, talked some.

As it got later into the night, R and I made our way to church to attend the Watch Night service. We counted down to 2016 together with the other church members and then had prata nearby with two of our friends. (What better way to welcome the year than with a yummy cheese-egg prata?)

August Celebrations


We just celebrated our 2 years’ anniversary a few days ago and I find it hard to believe that we’ve been together for 2 years.

It’s quite a remarkable thing because 2 years ago, I remember being unsure and awkward about it. Yet, here we are – a couple of people who are constantly learning about each other even after having learned so much.

There is certainly no doubt that our love is far stronger today than it was 2 years ago.

I’m thankful I found you, J.



We certainly haven’t been updating! Oh well. There have been plenty going on and for me, a lot of time was spent working out a proper schedule for the book, being disciplined about it, and to really get things going in a positive direction. R and I also took time off to go on a holiday, two trips in fact.

Since leaving my job and being on my own since end February, I’m very glad to say that the first draft of my book is about 60% complete!

As August Draws Near


Apart from Singapore’s 50th National Day, other exciting things are going to happen this August.

All those months of buying gems will culminate in a day of selling gems (actually two days). There’s a first time for everything. Hopefully there’ll be great news to blog about.

Event Details:

15 – 16 August @ Suntec Convention Centre Level 3 Concourse

Stall T1

Back from Travelling


We’re back from our travels and we (I, mostly) spent A LOT of $$$. Nevertheless, we had a great trip.

From Johor, we took a cab to Senai International Airport for a domestic flight to Penang. We stayed there 2 nights before flying again to Bangkok, where we explored the city  and shopped and ate for 7 days!

While we were there, we actually had some disagreements and got impatient with each other. Despite that, we talked about it and resolved the issue, recognising that it’s not possible to have perfect travel plans.

It was a very pleasant trip and we both had our much-needed break from the daily grind of life.

Now that we’re back, we are better prepared to face the challenges ahead and beat them back.